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Why should  children
learn to play
a musical

Image by pch.vector on Freepik

"Learning to play an instrument:

+ promotes creative thinking,

+ improves mental and physical abilities,

+ boosts confidence,

+ increases concentration levels,

+ and enhances IQ levels.

Additionally, learning a musical instrument helps children:

+ develop social skills and a sense of community.

Early exposure to music is suggested to:

+ positively impact brain development

+ and lead to a lifelong source of pleasure and satisfaction.

The process of learning an instrument also:

+ teaches patience and discipline, which are useful skills for the future.

In addition, learning a musical instrument has cognitive benefits, including:

+ improving memory skills,

+ teaching perseverance,

+ enhancing coordination,

+ improving math and reading comprehension skills,

+ creating responsibility,

+ and exposing students to culture and history.


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